IHA Publications

Opher, M., Loeb, A., and Peek, J. (2024)
Evidence that Earth was Exposed to Cold Dense Interstellar Medium 2 Myrs Ago as a Result of the Encounter with Local Lynx Cold Clouds

Opher, M., Loeb, A., Zucker, C., Goodman, A., Konietzka, R., Worden, A., Economo, E., Miller, J., Alves, J., Grone, J., Kornbleuth, M., and Peek, J. (2024)
The Passage of the Solar System through the Edge of the Local Bubble

Miller, J., Opher, M., Hatzaki, M., Papachristopoulou, K., and Thomas, B. (2024)
Earth’s Mesosphere during Possible Encounters with Massive Interstellar Clouds 2 and 7 Million Years Ago